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Latest news, updates and tracks from the 120 Project.

New Music Project – Gorgeous Creatures!

I’m pleased to announce my latest project, Gorgeous Creatures, this is a musical collaboration with singer-songwriter Nina Santini. Read more

Glitch – New Electronic Instrumental + Video

Glitch started out as an instrumental track I created for This-Is-Cool, it’s a slow paced electronic synth-driven composition to accompany a selection of cool sci-fi artworks by Martin Deschambault. Read more

Cold Blooded – New Track + Video

Cold Blooded is the first of a bunch of new electronic instrumental tracks I’ve been working on. Read more

Singer / Vocalist Wanted!

Hi, I’m looking for singers / vocalists and songwriters to work and collaborate on some one-off electronic music projects and tracks. Read more

Watching You – New Sci-Fi Instrumental Track

Another science fiction inspired electronic instrumental idea. Read more

Con-Sequence – New Instrumental Demo

This is an extension of one of the sci-fi themed tracks I created for a book video for This-Is-Cool. Read more

The Memory Collector – New Instrumental

Another sci-fi themed instrumental – possibly over using the synth robot voices on this one! Read more

Positronic – New Synth Electro Demo

I was having a week of organising my sounds and samples (OCD Pedley) and got distracted and created this little sci-fi themed instrumental. Read more

Ice Station – New Demo Track

Another new sci-fi inspired electronic instrumental track – Ice Station. This was something I started working on this week, it was a little loop that kept growing! Read more

Dark Orbit – New Electronic Instrumental

New electronic composition I’ve been working on this week. Pushing myself to finish tracks without tweaking everything to death. Read more