New Music Project – Gorgeous Creatures!

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I’m pleased to announce my latest project, Gorgeous Creatures, this is a musical collaboration with singer-songwriter Nina Santini. We’ve worked together previously, about 20 years ago – So this musical reunion was long overdue!

We started working on some new music during the first lockdown and initially, I would send across little electronic doodles and ideas I’d been working on. Over Facetime, I would play each idea and Nina would pick a musical seedling that caught her ear. These seedlings would slowly develop into verses, bridges, and choruses with Nina adding words and vocals taking them into a totally fresh new direction. I would then work on the music around Nina’s beautiful and emotive vocals. It’s been very inspiring working with Nina on these tracks and bouncing our musical ideas back and forth.

The songs we’ve created were written, recorded, and developed using Logic Pro, with Nina recording her vocals at home using my music as a backing track. Once complete these vocal recordings were sent to me as audio files via WeTransfer. When received my end,¬† I’d build the tracks in Logic to include Nina’s vocals, and add further instrumentation and effects. We’d repeat this process until each song was complete.

We’ve created about 8 songs in total so far, with a couple that are still works in progress. We felt it was time to share our music and discussed the next steps to getting it out there!

Step 1 – I’ve now created a new website –, along with Social Media accounts ready for us to start posting our tunes!

Gorgeous Creatures

It’s still very early days, our finished tracks were recorded at home, so they’re very much at the demo stage, but hopefully good enough that people can hear the songs, the music, and ideas we’ve created.

We’re hoping over time to work on even more songs and to post them on our website and stream them via our new artist pages on Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.